Damian Ziarnik

Backend Developer

The technologies I work with


PHP is a popular programming language used for creating websites and web applications. It operates on the server-side, enabling the generation of dynamic content and interaction with databases.



WordPress is a popular and user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows for the creation and management of websites and blogs.


Laravel is a popular framework for building web applications in the PHP language. Renowned for its clear syntax, it provides tools that facilitate work, such as routing, ORM, and template systems, speeding up the process of creating advanced websites and applications.


MySQL is a popular and widely-used relational database management system, enabling storage, organization, and manipulation of data using the SQL language.


Git is a distributed version control system that enables developers to track changes in the source code of a project, collaborate on it, and revert to previous versions for effective code management.


Docker is a containerization platform that allows for the isolation and execution of applications in lightweight, portable containers, making it easier to deploy and scale applications across various environments.


Świetna robota, nie mam zastrzeżeń. Póki co wszystko działa tak jak powinno.
Polecam wtyczkę, wszystko działa poprawnie!
Great plugin, Nice looking and working well. 5 stars.
Spełnia swoje zadanie w 100% – użyta przy dużym i skomplikowanym projekcie – działa bezbłędnie.
I really like. Conveniently fast. I’m really waiting for the courier :L Thank you!
Prosta i robi to czego od niej wymagam – działa!
Świetna wtyczka oraz twórca. Problem, który się u mnie pojawił został rozwiązany jeszcze tego samego dnia,
Prosta i intuicyjna wtyczka. Polecam przejrzeć instrukcję instalacji i wszystko będzie działać idealnie.

Attributes of my code









foreign languages ​​I know

Polish 100%
Norwegian 20%
English 70%

My projects

Inpost Paczkomaty

WordPress plugin enabling the addition of Inpost Paczkomat delivery option in WooCommerce

About me

Thanks to my passion for programming, I am constantly evolving at a rapid pace, expanding my knowledge in PHP programming, and exploring new frameworks and patterns. It is programming that brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction, and as a result, my motivation to achieve even more in this field continues to grow.

New things do not evoke fear in me; rather, curiosity drives me to eagerly learn about new technologies. As a programmer, besides writing code, effective communication is of great importance to me. I strive to develop my 'soft' skills to effectively communicate with project managers and, when necessary, clients.
Damian Ziarnik

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    Damian Ziarnik